What we're in

1. Same Old, Same Old

We’re stuck. I dread coming in on Monday. We get stuff done but nothing ever changes. When I first came to work here I was excited. I loved my boss. This felt like a great company to work fore. We were proud of what we did for our customers. But, we’ve gotten bogged down. Meetings are so boring. They’re the same every week.

The place is empty at 5 o’clock. Someone needs to light a spark! How come management doesn’t see that? I know they care but…

2. Dis-eased / Distrustful / Disenchanted

It’s competitive here and you just learn to keep your head down and push through. It should say, “Make the Numbers, or Else” on our Mission Statement. I read about the “100 Best Places to Work in America.” Some companies get it right. Why don’t we bring people together to talk about what’s really going on? And listen to each other? HR did an employee survey and had a follow-up meeting. People wanted to be included in decisions affecting some of our personnel policies but we just reverted to this top-down decision-making structure. Obviously they don’t trust us. That makes me angry.