“It was a joy and an inspiration working with Jeremy.
The work of Social Craftsmanship encompasses his knowledge of transformation
and extensive background working with organizational and business development, and makes him a unique, tremendous resource. His strong love and familiarity with poetry, literature and the arts sets him distinctly apart from the usual coach. Without his level of sophistication in understanding the real soul challenges and opportunities we can face on our hero’s journey,
he would be another average coach, laying out goals and action steps.
For this reason, I highly recommend him as someone who can be a true advocate and guide
of a person’s creative soul journey, while having the experience and clarity of mind
to help actualize a plan in the real world.” 
~Stephen B.  

Creative, decisive action is necessary; beginning with leaders heeding the call to re-engage their employees in ways that inspire them.

We live in a time of unceasing disorientation and disruption. It is hard to know how to respond…yet, opportunity can arise from chaos.

Creative, decisive action is necessary; beginning with leaders heeding the call to re-engage their employees from the inside out. These leaders will take a stand for a daring future the workforce can genuinely believe in. 

This is a call for a new story, a new approach to supporting leaders and their teams. It is a call for Social Craftsmanship.

For this new story to emerge, a safe, inclusive environment must be in place, where everyone is seen and heard and is a full participant. Where we are aligned on what we are doing together, how we are doing it, and Why it’s important.

We believe this path re-energizes engagement, brings heart and soul back into our work, and increases return on investment.

We believe leaders lead by going first. And they need and deserve support.

This is why we have founded Social Craftsmanship LLC.