“I’ve had a consulting practice for 5 years. However, a spark has sometimes been missing.
I tried multiple ways to shift that with the intention to grow my business further. Working with Jeremy has given me new confidence. He used very fresh ways of helping me remember my calling and purpose consistently, and gave me tools for getting unstuck. I highly recommend Jeremy to anyone looking to grow their professional well-being and their business.”
~Scott F

Offered one-on-one or in a group setting, coaching focuses on interests, concerns and challenges, addresses roadblocks, and unleashes the coachee’s commitment to realizable alternatives.

This approach helps build genuine buy-in and measurable results. This component of Social Craftsmanship helps lay the track for a shift in culture and performance.

Social Craftsmanship Coaching is also offered on a group basis. Often, it complements Social Craftsmanship Workshops and is designed to aid and accelerate performance.

Also offered is a powerful group-coaching model based on Theory U™. In a safe, positive small-group setting a presenter highlights specific facets of her performance challenge. The group members listen and reflect back their experience, typically providing different, useful perspectives. The mirroring back is highly productive for the presenter, revealing insights that may have limited her view. This is followed by lively dialogue generating new energy as well as opportunities for action.