“Jeremy has a genuine and astute way of holding and cultivating space that exudes warmth
and openness. He tenderly and skillfully invites and illuminates the most authentic versions of participants’ present and emerging selves. Participants access deeper sources of knowing and insight that were previously inaccessible, and from these places flows greater freedom, inspiration, and integrated ways of being and doing.”
~Bridgit W.

Creative leadership is more important than ever, particularly leadership that engages people through meaningful and constructive participation.

We are in the throes of turbulence and volatility, breeding unprecedented anxiety. Leadership that engages people through meaningful and constructive participation is more critical than ever. This requires an exceptional ability to listen and communicate. The leaders and their teams who excel in this will successfully compete in these tumultuous times.

The work of Social Craftsmanship is rooted in my work over the past 3+ decades across the US and globe convening people in varied settings, including manufacturing environments, offshore pipelaying campaigns, fabrication yards, the remote Texas Panhandle, tech environments, professional service firms, not-for-profits, and government offices. I’ve been consistently struck by how, under the right conditions, a group’s natural intelligence, creativity, and passion flourish, joy returns, and previously unthinkable results become possible.

Through Social Craftsmanship, leaders and their teams:

  • Uncover what is holding down morale and engagement
  • Approach challenges in more effective, creative ways
  • Craft a new story that generates optimism and purpose
  • Adopt structures that sustain energy and increase collaboration
  • Produce extraordinary results