a new way

3. A New Story Thats Emerging

There’s starting to be a shift here. You can tell by our meetings. People look forward to participating now. They even show up on time! It’s safer to speak. We’re developing Listening Intelligence: people genuinely listen to what you’re saying. We’re honest with each other. There’s been greater compassion for one another. Important stuff no longer gets shoved under the carpet. We’re asking better questions. Also, now, if we don’t make the numbers, we don’t finger point. We find out why and emphasize learning from mistakes. It’s no accident our business results are improving, that our survey scores are up, and that we’re having fun again. Coming to work is about more than just the paycheck. It feels like we’re a part of the new story. We care about each other and about what we’re doing. We want to continually grow and improve our craft, individually and as a team. It’s an awesome place to create together and that’s something to celebrate!