‘Social Craftsmanship LLC’ is a strategic partner offering consulting and coaching solutions that enable leaders and their teams to thrive.

We are dedicated to igniting the renewal of the workplace so people flourish, work is fulfilling, and bottom lines increase.

Social Craftsmanship™ is an approach reflecting my experience working with over 10,000 people over 30+ years. It also reflects my own personal journey. Social Craftsmanship incorporates methods that increase collaboration and put the heart and soul back into our work. It leads to workplace environments where care, and passion are the rule rather than the exception. Through Social Craftsmanship, leaders and their teams take ownership of their work much as people do engaging in a favorite hobby. 

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The Five Pillars of Social Craftsmanship are: 

  • Listen with greater care and respect for one another
  • Participate with more individual and system awareness 
  • Harness our fullest potential 
  • Collaborate to produce extraordinary results
  • Create a workplace culture where we continuously learn and grow

As a leader, ask yourself,how long can you afford to have some people engaged but not everyone? How long are you willing to tolerate stale meetings and resentful employees? How will you lead your people together into a bold future?


  • Developing your capacity to thrive in the face of disruption
  • Creating a fresh, new story about what you do and why it’s important
  • Igniting the renewal of your workplace

This is what Social Craftsmanship makes possible. Starting on the road to thriving together starts with that first step. We look forward to your call. It’s homeopathic.

What we're in

1. Same Old, Same Old

We’re stuck. I dread coming in on Monday. We get stuff done but nothing ever changes…

2. Diseased/Distrustful/Disenchanted

It’s competitive here and you just learn how to keep your head down and push through. It should say “Make the Numbers, or Else” on our Mission statement. I read about the “100 Best Places…

A new way

3. A New Story That’s Emerging

There’s starting to be a shift here. You can tell by our meetings. People look forward to participating now. They even show up on time! It’s safer to speak. We’re…